System Leadership Development Centre Pilot

The NHS North West Leadership Academy is looking for a cohort of 24 leaders to join a pilot in April 2021 to test and refine a new and innovative System Leadership Development Centre that aims to help local leaders to meet the challenges of leading across and within a system.

Delivering system-level integration, to improve population health, will require a combination of skills including:

  • Collaborative approach to leadership
  • Working with leaders at many levels in the system
  • Leading and influencing without authority
  • Navigating the political environment

Mindful of our current situation, as we all respond to the COVID emergency, the first development centre has been commissioned for mid-April. This opportunity comes at a difficult and unpredictable time. Authentic leadership has become critical. Authentic and inclusive leadership is at the heart of this development centre approach; building the strengths of leaders at all levels and creating a safe, open space to explore strengths and opportunities.

What’s in it for you as an individual?

  • Pre-psychological assessment – looking at your strengths and individual leadership insights.
  • Attendance at a virtual half-day development centre – focused on exploring your areas of strength and where opportunities exist to develop as a system leader.
  • Individual feedback summary – strengths report highlighting areas of development.
  • Being part of a cohort of fellow system leaders to create a wider network of ongoing support.
  • Access to NHS NWLA offers and opportunities – for which pilot participants will help to inform and shape.

What’s in it for you as an organisation?

Helping to build of a pipeline of future system leaders, creating networks of system leaders who can inspire others, share learning across organisational boundaries.

By taking part is the System Leadership Development Centre pilot you will be helping the NHS NWLA to shape a future offer that we intend to share with our leadership colleagues across the North West, nationally and across broader sectors including social care. 

Further information

The development centre is aimed at those colleagues who are currently in leadership roles and can demonstrate they are working within and across the system. For further information please email