Primary care leadership development offers

This post outlines some of the latest primary care leadership development offers from the NHS North West Leadership Academy that are available during January and February 2021.

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Virtual leadership – leading remote teams 9:30-11am 14/01/21

Thursday, 14 January 20219:30-11:00am

As we all deal with the emotional rollercoaster of Covid19, our teamwork needs to nimbly adapt to our new context, relying on more frequent remote working. Keeping the emotional and human connection at the heart of our teams is crucial when many of us have been relating as ‘faces on screens’ for many months.

This interactive masterclass offers you a safe learning space to:

  • Pause to reflect on how you’re doing in your teams – not just what you’re doing
  • Recognise and review how your teams are responding to current pressures
  • Learn ways to enhance your remote team-working, on screen and off
  • Embed human and emotional connection into your team-working, to underpin your joint work

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Understanding your role in change 1-4pm 20/01/21 and 9am-12pm 01/02/21

Workshop 1 1-4pm Wednesday 20 January 2021

Workshop 2 9am-12pm Monday 1st February 2021

This two part workshop is aimed at clinical directors, practice managers and all primary care leaders. Please note that you must attend both workshops.

Change management has been a key focus for clinical directors, practice managers and all primary care leaders even more so during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Primary Care has had to adapt at rapid pace with new clinical priorities, new ways of working, new ways of communicating with patients and new use of infrastructure, this two part workshop will enable leaders to explore and understand their role in creating and shaping the conditions for successful change.

By considering a current change that is important to your network/practice at the end of the practical two part workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need to create a sense of urgency for the need to change
  • Identify the team who are the key leaders and stakeholders from all areas that will help support and drive change.
  • Create a shared vision by linking all ideas and concepts that will enable colleagues to remain focused on the “why”.
  • Develop a strategy map: showing the key steps to achieve the vision.
  • Communication: Exploring timings, competing messages and considering what leadership style to adopt – will it be ‘push’ or ‘pull’
  • Create the structures for change and how to overcome barriers/resistance.
  • Identify the first step to build the momentum to change.Build on the change to make your organisation more agile in responding to future change.
  • Lock in change: to prevent reverting back to the old ways and making the change part of your organisational functions and culture.

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Leading in a Primary Care Network 1-4pm 26/01/21 and 9am-12pm 05/02/21

Workshop 1 1-4pm 26 January 2021

Workshop 2 9am-12pm 05 February 2021

This programme is aimed at senior leaders leading a Primary Care Network (PCN) across the North West to develop relationships and networks across boundaries. Please note that you must attend both workshops.

The programme will take place across 2 half day workshops delivered via Zoom, where participants will explore:

  • Sharing and developing a vision for primary care: many PCNs have started their working procedures (decision making, risk sharing, etc) and have a vision. By sharing participants PCNs journey’s will enable fresh ideas for leaders to develop or adapt their PCNs vision and working practices.
  • Parameters which aid decision making: for instance, any developments that improve GP work-life balance, increase health outcomes and address health inequalities in a way that is measurable.
  • PCN challenges for health: what specific health issues is your PCN addressing? Breakout sessions will create opportunities for participants to meet each other and to network. By using an Action Centred Learning approach each participant will be given the space to share an issue that they would like to receive support on, enabling leadership skills and relationships to be strengthened.

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Primary care influencing and negotiating skills 12:30-3:30pm 28/01/21

12:30-3:30pm Thursday 28 January 2021

This workshop delivered via Zoom is aimed at senior leaders working within and across primary care.

As NHS and other organisations increasingly have to work together to solve common problems, influencing skills are more important than ever. Influencing is a vital part of communication at work. Learning to make persuasion techniques more successful will lead to smarter and more efficient working.

This influencing skills training session includes top tips to make an instant improvement to the way you communicate and to achieve better outcomes. It will enhance your negotiation skills, allowing you to get best value and quality of service for patients and for your organisation, improving job satisfaction and easing tricky situations.

Improved influencing skills can support you in:

  • Getting your point of view across and getting things done
  • Persuading others and reaching consensus
  • Successful negotiation
  • Motivating teams and stakeholders
  • Becoming a more effective leader.

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