MPharm 2+2

Some UK Schools of Pharmacy offer an accredited MPharm which is taught in part overseas at a partner university. This course is called an MPharm 2+2.

A number of the UK Schools of Pharmacy which currently offer an accredited MPharm degree also offer a version of their MPharm which is taught, in part, overseas at a partner university.

Students studying on this MPharm course – often referred to as a 2+2 course – study the first two years of the MPharm at the partner university and join the university’s UK MPharm course for years three and four.

Currently, several collaborations exist with partner universities based in Malaysia. Students who graduate from an accredited MPharm 2+2 are eligible to enter pre-registration training in the UK and, as such, may follow the UK route to registration allowing them to practise as a pharmacist in the UK.

Applicants applying to enter the overseas MPharm degree must apply via the overseas partner universities’ application process and not through UCAS. Visit the website of the partner university for details of entry requirements.

You can find a list of the universities that offer the MPhram 2+2 course together with the latest accreditation reports.

For further information on the accreditation of MPharm degree courses taught in part overseas see Approval process for education and training providers.