Locum pharmacists

This fact sheet published by the Pharmacist Support provides information about common enquires made to Pharmacist Support by people considering becoming a locum pharmacist, or from those who are already practising locum pharmacists.

View the Locum fact sheet https://pharmacistsupport.org/fact-sheets/locum-fact-sheet

Locum pharmacists are an integral part of the pharmaceutical workforce, and for some the attractions of being a locum pharmacist are clear. You can choose your own hours, you can decide where you would like to work and often the pay can be very good.

Whilst locums can often command a high wage, the increasing number of registered pharmacists in Britain has led to tough competition for jobs. Increasingly, reports point to a drop in the hourly rate paid to locums.

Members can access a full range of services, including support alerts for drug and device recalls, guidance for pharmacy law and ethics and the online Locum Group. This group is for locum pharmacists and is about locum practice in every sector.

For further information about RPS services, ring 0845 257 2570 or visit their website http://www.rpharms.com.

The PDA is a trade union for pharmacists. Locums can see the PDA Locum Booklet and contract for services on the website. Members can seek advice from PDA lawyers and access information on a variety of topics. They also offer a professional liability insurance scheme.

For further information, ring 0121 694 7000 or visit their website http://www.the-pda.org

The NPA is the trade association for community pharmacy. Amongst their other services, members can also access NAPTV, a video-content platform enabling locums to keep up with the latest in pharmaceutical news and get answers to current ethical, legal and clinical questions.

For further information, ring 01727 858 687 or visit their website http://www.npa.co.uk.

The GHP is a trade union for pharmacists working in hospitals, primary care and other healthcare institutions in the NHS and the commercial sector. They also offer a professional liability insurance scheme.

For a small fee, locums joining the scheme can benefit from trade union support and insurance cover whether working in a hospital, service company or community pharmacy.  For further information, ring 020 3371 2009 or visit their website https://www.ghp.org.uk.