Foundation Pharmacy Framework

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Foundation Pharmacist Framework has been produced as a result of a collaborative exercise to investigate the roles of Foundation Pharmacists both currently and over the next five years.

Download the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Foundation Pharmacist Framework

The framework will inform the development of the curriculum and national assessment for Foundation Pharmacists.

The framework has been designed to align with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Advanced Pharmacy Framework, supporting seamless career development through Foundation to Advanced stages.

  • The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Foundation Pharmacist Framework will be used as the springboard for developing a UK Foundation Pharmacist curriculum
  • The curriculum will place patient safety and service needs at its heart and define the expected knowledge, levels of performance, as well as the breadth of experience required to meet the learning outcomes of Foundation Training
  • The curriculum will be designed for training providers to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours in pharmacists so they can demonstrate the capabilities defined in the RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework
  • A UK team will work together to utilise existing curricula and to identify existing good practice in curriculum development. A new UK curriculum will be developed by summer 2020 and will inform the design and delivery of future foundation programmes across the UK.