Personalised Care Institute

The Personalised Care Institute is a virtual training hub for all health and care staff to access a wide-range of flexible and accredited e-learning courses and gain the knowledge and confidence to provide Personalised Care to their patients.

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Training at least 75,000 workers, the Institute will play a vital role in helping to deliver on the NHS Long Term Plan commitment to ensure 2.5 million people receive Personalised Care by 2024.

The Institute is a virtual organisation convened by the Royal College of General Practitioners in partnership with  NHS England and Improvement, with support from other Royal Colleges, key professional organisations, providers and patients. It is accountable for setting standards for evidence-based training, underpinned by a robust quality assurance and accreditation framework.

Personalised care is a partnership approach that helps people make informed decisions and choices about their health and wellbeing, working alongside clinical information. A one-size-fits-all health and care system simply cannot meet the increasing complexity of people’s needs and expectations, and personalised care gives people the same choice and control over their mental and physical health that they have come to expect in every other aspect of their life.

The idea of personalised care isn’t new, and many heathcare professionals already put personalised care at the heart of their work. However, 40% of patients say they weren’t as involved as they wanted to be in decisions about the management of their health care. The NHS Long Term Plan also confirmed that 2.5 million people will have access to personalised care by 2024 and the training of health and care staff is an important step to realising this.

Learners of all levels and in all health and care roles can access our flexible eLearning, which we will be adding to regularly. Learners can track their progress, test their learning and join group learning opportunities, as well as access resources and training from other high-quality providers.

Training providers are able to apply for programmes to become accredited by the Personalised Care Institute against the standards set in the personalised care curriculum. Commissioners of personalised care training in England will utilise our list of high quality providers with accredited programmes to deliver training to their healthcare teams.