Management and admin training

We believe admin staff in primary care are essential for providing high quality care to our population. The admin team are responsible for ensuring patients are seen by the right professional (care navigation), maintaining safe prescribing (medicines management) and keeping patient records up to date (care records management).

Admin staff are experts in IT, and through their work contribute to the health of the community and reduce health inequalities. Only a small proportion of time is spent on ‘receptionist’ duties.

We encourage admin staff to be involved in direct patient care and encourage them to take up Health Care Assistant roles and opportunities.

Our Practice Managers Forum is lively and varied and meets every month. For more information email Megan Harrison (Practice Managers Forum) at

As the admin and management responsibilities are varied we encourage staff to look for training opportunities from within and outside health care. There is a wide range of opportunities. Two common sources of online training are Blue Stream Academy Training and E-Learning for Health.