Apprenticeships and new recruits

Watch our inspiring video of a new recruit to primary care.

One of the most fulfilling roles of the Academy is to help people take up apprenticeship training, especially young local residents. We are always looking for new opportunities and always want to hear from people wanting to start a career in Health Care. We work with a variety of local NHS organisations to offer numerous posts.

Apprenticeships are a great way to start a career

For people interested in an apprenticeship

We are actively recruiting people from the Kick Start programme (via the Job centres). An NHS apprenticeship pays you whilst you learn the new skills of a specific job. They are open for anyone aged 16 and over. All posts last for at least 12 months and 20% of your time is spent training, (lectures, on line, or carrying out assignments). We have posts in both Primary Care, our Local Authority and Tameside Hospital. A list of all apprenticeships (NHS and non-NHS) can be found at the Institute for Apprenticeships website. If you want to know more about local opportunities then email us at or phone 0161 922 5510. We are always happy to hear from you.

Hosting a trainee often improves your team’s spirit

For people interesting in creating a Primary Care apprentice role

Organisations can receive apprenticeship funding to cover 100% of training costs from the Apprenticeship Levy held by Tameside Hospital (ICFT). If your organisation has a position to fill and has less than 250 employees and is based in Tameside and Glossop you can apply. Practices are responsible for the Apprentices wages, which must be at least the national minimum wage and provide ‘on the job’ active learning. The GM Apprenticeship Hub has further information, or you can contact us on 0161 922 5510