Practice Nurse, Borchardt Medical Centre, Manchester

Borchardt Medical Centre are looking for a Practice Nurse to provide independent nursing treatment for patients registered at The Borchardt Medical Centre as laid down by agreed in house protocols and Manchester Health are Commissioning patient group directions (PGDs) and Guidelines.

Key Tasks/Principal Duties

  • To provide a Practice Nurse Service working to agreed protocols and contracts.
  • To develop with others within the practice team standard templates and evidence based workable protocols for Practice Nurse Services.
  • To participate and develop specific audit packages to evaluate practice standards of care.
  • To provide mentorship and support for new nursing team members.
  • To assist in the development of the role of health care assistants and other newly developed clinical services with practice.

Health Promotion

The successful candidate will:

  • Undertake when appropriate health surveillance/screening, paying particular attention to newly registered patients.
  • Recognise and proactively refer patients on to the appropriate services when required.
  • Provide lifestyle intervention, including dietary advice, weight management, smoking cessation, etc.

Vaccination/Immunisation Health Care including Travel Health

The successful candidate will:

  • Identify patient’s vaccination immunisation history and will offer and administer the appropriate vaccines working wth the SMCCG/ PGD and Guidelines.
  • Provide immunisations for babies and children in accordance with SMCCG PGDs and Guidelines.
  • Provide specific advice and instruction within baby clinics and travel health clinics.
  • Refer babies and patients to alternative health clinics when appropriate.
  • Ensure stock rotation of travel, childhood and individual vaccines and equipment for specific patient use or practice needs.

Sexual Health Including Contraception Advice

The successful candidate will:

  •  Will provide a holistic family planning and sexual health service to patients  including health education and promotion in relation to sexual transmitted infection / HIV population.
  • Advises and teaches patient considering use of COC, POP medication, barrier methods and natural methods.
  • Will work closely with other team members to ensure all relevant information is entered onto the electronic medical system (EMIS WEB).
  • Advise patients on the national and local cervical cytology and mammography screening programmes.
  • Undertake a programme of cytology sampling offering cervical screening to all eligible women registered at the practice following the Manchester Cervical Screening Programme.

Chronic Disease Management


The successful candidate will:

  •  Will help to provide organised programmes of care supporting and providing education for registered asthma patients.
  • Support and provides education for registered asthma patients.
  • Helps to maintain an asthma register.
  • Undertake Annual review and scheduled reviews of asthma patients’ referring to the GP’s when necessary.
  • Following agreed BTS guidelines:
    • Initiate peak flow charting for the diagnosis of suspected asthmatics.
    • Provides a tailored management plan for newly diagnosed asthmatics.
    • Provide patients with their own self-management plan.
    • Provide asthma advice including the alteration of medication dosage to well controlled asthmatics.


The successful candidate will:

  •  Will help to provide organised programmes of care, supporting and providing education for registered COPD patients. This will include undertaking and the interpretation of spirometry.
  • Provide education for patients and carers in lifestyle management of the disease to avoid further deterioration including smoking cessation.
  • Provide patient advice in the appropriate use of drug therapy.
  • Ensure patients have a self- management plan.
  • Refer to COPD community service where appropriate.

Cardiovascular Disease

The successful candidate will:

  • Work closely with the identified lead nurse to provide organised programmes of care supporting and providing education for registered patients with IHD.
  • Monitor cardiac patients through annual review.
  • Opportunistically review and advice patients on CHD and IHD prevention lifestyle.


The successful candidate will:

  • Work closely with the identified lead nurse to provide organised programmes of care, supporting and providing education for registered hypertensive patients.
  • Provide hypertension monitoring, management and recall, working strictly to British Hypertension guidelines and protocols. This will include 24hour BP monitoring and interpretation of results.
  • Makes appropriate referrals to the lead nurse/GP/dietician, etc.


The successful candidate will provide the service when required.

Infection Control

The successful candidate will:

  • Be responsible for identification and control of any possible decontamination within the clinical area and practice setting. 
  • Recognise the need to strictly adhere to local CCG and Practice agreed protocols and guidelines.

Professional Development

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  1. The development of his/her professional role and nursing competences.  This will involve liaising closely with the Nurse Lead and GP members of the practice team.
  2. Actively promote the workplace as a learning environment, encouraging everyone to learn from each other and from external good practice
  3. Working within his/her professional code of conduct as governed by the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) professional standard.
  4. Maintain and uphold patient confidentiality at all times. Act as a clinical leader in the delivery of practice nursing services, ensuring that the needs of the patient are the priority
  5. Document all consultations clearly and within a timely manner on the EMIS system
  6. Participate in planning and implementing changes within their area of care and responsibility
  7. Contribute and participate in the development of local guidelines, protocols and standards
  8. Keep up-to-date with new developments locally and nationally, identifying those that will enhance the teams or the organisations work
  9. Ensure awareness of sources of patient support and guidance, and provide information in an acceptable format to all patients; recognising any difficulties and referring where appropriate
  10. Enable others to promote equality and diversity in a non-discriminatory culture
  11. Be provided with identified training “in house”. However, if training needs are identified which cannot be provided by the practice team, training will be provided but only after formal agreement from the Nurse Lead and or GP employers.
  12. Carry out audits when necessary to assess evaluate and develop services offered within the practice

Team Working

  1. Understands own role and scope within the organisation and identify where this may develop in time
  2. Work and an effective and responsible team member, supporting others and exploring the mechanisms to develop new ways of working
  3. Delegate clearly and appropriately, adopting the principles of safe practice, and assessing the competence of those taking on delegated duties
  4. Ensure clear referral mechanisms are in place to meet the patient need
  5. Prioritise own workload and ensure effective time management strategies are embedded within the culture of the team
  6. Work effectively with others to clearly define values, direction and policies impacting upon care delivery
  7. Participate in team activities that create opportunities to improve patient care
  8. Participate in and support local policies as agreed with the practice management team
  9. Maintain effective communication with individuals and groups within the practice environment and with external stakeholders
  10.  Utilise and demonstrate sensitive communication styles, to ensure that patients are fully informed and consent to treatment
  11. Communicate effectively with patients and carers, recognising the need for alternative methods of communication to overcome different levels of understanding, cultural background, and language differences
  12. Anticipate barriers to communication and take action to improve communication

Equality and Diversity

  1. Support people who need assistance in exercising their rights
  2. Monitor and evaluate adherence to local/practice chaperoning policies
  3. Act as a role model in the observance of equality and diversity good practice


Equal Opportunities

SSP Health welcomes all persons without regard to age, ethnic or national origin, gender or sexual orientation, religion, lifestyle, presenting illness, marital or parental status or disability.  We aim to provide a non-judgemental service at all times.

Please note that this is an indicative job description and it should not be seen as a definitive list of skills and or qualifications needed but rather as a very good guide to our requirements.

For more information about this vacancy, please contact; Rob Douglas, Practice Manager, Borchardt Medical Centre,, 0161 438 2821

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Closing date: 01/08/2022Job reference: BMC001Job type: PermanentStaff group: Nursing & Midwifery RegisteredJob location: ManchesterEmployer: Borchardt Medical CentreSalary: Competitive dependent upon qualifications/experience