Physician Associate, Haughton Thornley Medical Centre, Tameside

JOB TITLE: Physician Associate (PA)

GP Partners (Clinical)
Operations Manager (Non-Clinical)


The PA will provide care for the presenting patient from initial history taking and clinical assessment through to the diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of care. They will demonstrate critical thinking in the clinical decision-making process, including assessment and diagnostic skills, leading to the delivery of safe care for all patients. They will work collaboratively with the healthcare team to meet the needs of patients, supporting the delivery of policy and procedures. The PA will provide a holistic and clinical service, with support from GPs as required, implementing agreed management plans and following approved protocols as appropriate. The PA will be expected on a typical day to carry out some home visits and consult with patients who present on the day and via booked appointments. The PA will also review and act appropriately on blood results and referrals/correspondence regarding their patients.

Mentorship and supervision will be provided by designated senior medical personnel. The level and type of supervision will be dependent on the post holder’s acquisition of skills and knowledge and determined by the organisation’s clinical governance arrangements. The practice hold monthly education meetings and the PA would be expected to attend and partake in these.



• Participate in all treatment and preventative healthcare services in the Practice as delegated and agreed by the supervising GP(s).
• Provide direct clinical care to patients using established clinical guidelines.
• Consult and refer patients to physicians, medical specialists and other health professionals as indicated.
• Interview patients, take medical histories, perform physical examinations, analyse, diagnose and explain medical problems during surgery consultations and home visits.
• Recommend and explain appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment.
• Request and interpret results of laboratory investigations when necessary.
• Perform specialised diagnostic physical exams and treatment procedures.
• Instruct and educate patients in preventative health care.
• Conduct telephone consultations which may involve discussing the result and implications of laboratory investigations with patients as well as dealing appropriately with routine and emergency complaints
• Order laboratory tests as required and agreed under supervising doctor(s).
• Fully document all aspects of patient care and complete all required paperwork for legal and administrative purposes.
• Contribute to the clinical development of the Practice by developing a special interest and to help establish appropriate systems to manage common chronic medical conditions, ensuring compliance with NSF guidelines.
• Participate fully in the clinicians’ duty rota including the provision of home visits when appropriate.
• Formulate diagnoses and treatment plans, in consultation with or referring to Supervising doctor(s) as appropriate.
• Give clinical instructions to nursing staff and Primary Care Team as required.
• Communicate when necessary with colleagues in Primary Care and hospital specialists in order to discuss or refer specific patients, plan and co-ordinate activities or exchange information in order to improve the quality of patient care.
• Deal regularly with community hospitals, consultants and other health care providers, insurance companies and other community organisations to refer/consult on specific cases, participate in community service and education projects and activities and the like.


• Ensure continuing education, training and development is undertaken to meet clinical governance guidelines for Continuing Professional Development and a Personal Development Plan.
• Keep up to date with relevant medical research, technology and evidence-based medical practice by attending continuing education courses and professional meetings, reading journals etc.
• Undertake 50 hours of continuing medical education (CPD) every year. A minimum of 25 hours must be in accredited direct learning programmes.
• Take and pass the national re-certification exam every 6 years in accordance with the requirements of the PA Managed Voluntary Register and as recommended by the National Examination Sub Committee of the UKUBPAE (UK Universities Board of Physician Associate Education) and subsequently as required by the statutory regulating body when in place.
• Perform a variety of research and analysis tasks associated with improvement of clinical care, medical diagnosis and treatment where appropriate using the following means:
o Audit of clinical practice.
o Review of relevant literature.
o Research unusual symptoms and treatment options, through consultation with physicians and other medical specialists.
• Provide literature reviews and the like; review, analyse and determine the significance of a variety of diagnostic test results
• Assist in clinical instruction and supervision of medical and nursing students as well other learners that may periodically be attached to the practice, including the educational development and mentoring of Physician Associate students.
• Attend regular multi-disciplinary meetings organised by the Practice in order to discuss and learn from recent significant events relating to clinical practice occurring within the Practice.
• Attend regular educational meetings organised by the practice in order to update clinical knowledge, practice policy and guidelines and disseminate other useful information relevant to the provision of adequate healthcare for patients.
• Regularly reflect on own practice (and keep a record of learning encounters) in order to identify learning needs and encourage self-directed lifelong learning and continued professional development.

• Send and receive written information on behalf of the Practice regarding matters of insurance, housing and other issues relating to the physical and social welfare of patients.
• Work to deliver with other members of the practice and Primary Healthcare Team, the objectives of the PMS contract, including the terms of the Quality and Outcomes Framework and Practice Based Commissioning.
• Attend regular multi-disciplinary meetings organised by the Practice in order to discuss the health and social needs of particular patients.

Scope and Purpose of Job Description

The job description does not constitute a ‘term and condition of employment’. It is provided only as a guide to assist the employee in the performance of their job. The practice is a fast moving organisation and therefore changes in employees’ duties may be necessary from time to time. The job description is not intended to be an inflexible or finite list of tasks and may be varied from time to time after consultation/discussion with the post holder.

This is an exciting opportunity for the ‘right’ person wishing to develop their clinical and management practice in a fast moving practice in the heart of the community. The supervising team have a wealth of experience in general practice which will undoubtedly provide the opportunity for the new appointee to develop their knowledge and shape the position within a dynamic clinical team.

Other Information:

The duties of this post are a guide to the range of responsibilities that may be required. These may change from time to time to meet the needs of the service and/or the development needs of the post holder. This job description will be revised regularly to take account of changes within the organisational structure and the practice business plan.

Other duties
The post holder will be required to undertake any other duties according to the needs of the service. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of activities, but rather an outline of the main areas of responsibility. Any reasonable changes will be discussed and agreed with the post holder before any variations to the job description are made.

Travel to other sites
The post holder may be required to travel.

Medical Examinations
All appointments are conditional upon prior health clearance by the practice.
Failure to provide continuing satisfactory evidence will be regarded as a breach of contract.

Professional Registration
Staff undertaking work which requires professional/state registration are responsible for ensuring that they are so registered and that they comply with any Codes of Conduct applicable to that profession. Proof of registration must be produced on appointment and, if renewable, proof of renewal must also be produced.

Criminal Records Bureau
Applicants for posts in the NHS are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. All applicants who are offered employment will be subject to a criminal record check from the Criminal Records Bureau before the appointment is confirmed. Further information is available from the Criminal Records Bureau and Disclosure websites at and www.

Equal Opportunities
Haughton Thornley is an equal opportunities employer and you will be expected to comply with all relevant policies and procedures in this area together with all other policies and procedures as initiated by the practice.

Work Visa/ Permits/Leave to Remain
If you are a non-resident of the United Kingdom or European Economic Union, you are required to have a valid work visa and leave to remain in the UK, which is renewed as required. The Practice is unable to employ or continue to employ you if you require but do not have a valid work visa and/or leave to remain in the UK.

Code of Conduct
All staff are required to work in accordance with the code of conduct for their professional group (e.g. Nursing and Midwifery Council, Health Professions Council, General Medical Council, NHS Code of Conduct for Senior Managers).

All information obtained in the course of the post holder’s duties should be treated as strictly confidential. Any breach of confidence or disclosure of such information, without express permission, may lead to disciplinary action. The post holder has a responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, Access to Health Records Act (1990) and Code of Practice on Confidentiality.

Health and Safety at Work
The post holder is required to take responsible care for the health and safety of him/herself and other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work. The post holder is also required to ensure that statutory and practice safety regulations are adhered to according to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Infection Control
It is the responsibility of all staff, whether clinical or non-clinical, to familiarise themselves with and adhere to current policy in relation to the prevention of the spread of infection.

Clinical staff, on entering and leaving clinical areas and between contacts with patients, must apply alcohol gel to their hands and also wash their hands frequently with soap and water. Staff are required to communicate any infection risks to either the Practice Manager or Operations Manager.

From time to time, complaints may occur, no matter how professional the approach of our staff. All complaints are investigated promptly, and the full co-operation of staff is required. The current guidelines amplify the above points with policies and procedures explained.

Clinical Governance & Risk Management
The Practice believes everyone has a role to play in improving and contributing to the quality of care provided to our patients. As an employee of the practice you are expected to take a proactive role in supporting the Practice’s clinical governance agenda by:

• Taking part in activities for improving quality such as clinical audit
• Identifying and managing risks through incident and near miss reporting and undertaking risk assessments
• Following polices, guidelines and procedures
• Maintaining continued professional development
• Clinical staff making entries into patient health records are required to follow any Practice standards of record keeping

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Closing date: 28/04/2023Job reference: PAJob type: PermanentJob location: TamesideEmployer: Haughton Thornley Medical CentreSalary: To be discussed on interviewSalary range: £40,000 - £50,000