Paramedic Practitioner, CH Medical, Oldham

We are looking for a Paramedic Practitioner to work as part of the practice’s multidisciplinary team, delivering care within their scope of practice to the patient population.
The role will involve working as an autonomous, accountable Paramedic Practitioner, in the provision of a holistic approach for patients, providing a range of services such as assessment, diagnosis, treatment and advising patients on general healthcare and promoting self-management where appropriate, including signposting patients to other services as appropriate.
The role is funded under the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS).

Job Summary:
The post-holder will provide a specialist resource as a paramedic practitioner for our patients working with clinicians, nursing team and in collaboration with other members of the practice multidisciplinary teams.
• To work within our practice community, as an autonomous, accountable paramedic practitioner providing holistic care whilst assessing, diagnosing and providing treatment to patients.
• To use competent and up to date clinical skills.
• To assess, diagnose, treat, refer or direct to other services; our patients who attend surgery or request domicile visits relating to unscheduled minor conditions, injuries or acute illness.
• To promote self-care and educate service users to allow them to be empowered to make informed choices about treatment.

Clinical Responsibilities:
• Monitor, review and evaluate care interventions to ensure optimum quality is maintained
• Lead on the assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation of treatment/interventions and care for patients presenting with an undifferentiated diagnosis.
• Clinically examine and assess patient needs from a physiological and psychological perspective, and plan clinical care accordingly.
• Assess, diagnose, plan, implement and evaluate interventions/ treatments for patients with complex needs.
• Proactively identify, diagnose and manage treatment plans for patients at risk of developing a long term condition (as appropriate).
• Manage care of patient at End of Life and ensuring palliative care plans are put in place and actioned as necessary
• Undertake and manage remote consultations
• Prescribe and review medication for therapeutic effectiveness, appropriate to patient needs and in accordance with evidence based practice
• Provide assessment, treatment and diagnosis at point of first contact by attending to patients in a variety of clinical or non-clinical settings according to patients’ needs.
• Create and update care plans for patients, as required.
• Work with patients in order to support compliance with and adherence to prescribed treatments.
• Provide information and advice on prescribed or over the counter medication on medication regimens, side effects and interactions.
• Prioritise health problems and intervene appropriately to assist the patient in complex, urgent or emergency situations, including initiation of effective emergency care
• To undertake home visits in accordance with the relevant protocols
• To make professionally autonomous decisions for which he/she is accountable
• To instigate necessary invasive and non-invasive diagnostic tests or investigations and interpret findings/reports
• To ensure that professional standards are maintained and within the guidance provided by the Department of Health, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the College of Paramedics (COP)
• To contribute to the practice achieving its quality targets to sustain high standards of patient care and service delivery
• Support delivery of QOF, incentive schemes, PCN IIF and other quality or cost effectiveness
• Undertake any tasks consistent with the level of the post and the scope of the role, ensuring that work is delivered in a timely and effective manner
• To help develop and set up new patient services and participate in initiatives to improve existing patient services
• To participate in the management of patient complaints when requested to do so and participate in the identification of any necessary learning brought about through clinical incidents and near-miss events
• To provide effective visible leadership that fosters a culture of professionalism, compassion, excellence and the development of effective team working
• To support the development of excellent relationships across the PCN to enable collaboration for better patient outcomes
• To support implementation of agreed service changes and pathways, working closely with other PCN member practices, the wider PCN and the commissioner to develop, support and deliver local improvement programmes aligned to national and local priorities

Other Responsibilities within the Organisation:
• Awareness of and compliance with all relevant Practice policies/guidelines, e.g. prescribing, confidentiality, data protection, health and safety
• A commitment to life-long learning and audit to ensure evidence-based best practice
• Contributing to evaluation/audit and clinical standard setting within the organisation
• Undertaking any other duty as reasonably requested by the partners to facilitate adequate provision of services to patients
• Continuing personal development and education; attending training courses when relevant/required
• Duties may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the post or the level of responsibility

• In the course of seeking treatment, patients entrust us with, or allow us to gather, sensitive information in relation to their health and other matters. They do so in confidence and have the right to expect that staff will respect their privacy and act appropriately
• In the performance of the duties outlined in this Job Description, the post-holder may have access to confidential information relating to patients and their carers, Practice staff and other healthcare workers. They may also have access to information relating to the Practice as a business organisation. All such information from any source is to be regarded as strictly confidential
• Information relating to patients, carers, colleagues, other healthcare workers or the business of the Practice may only be divulged to authorised persons in accordance with the Practice policies and procedures relating to confidentiality and the protection of personal and sensitive data

The post-holder should recognise the importance of effective communication within the team and will strive to:
• Communicate effectively with other team members
• Communicate effectively with patients and carers
• Recognise people’s needs for alternative methods of communication and respond accordingly.

Health & Safety:
The post-holder will assist in promoting and maintaining their own and others’ health, safety and security as defined in the Practice Health & Safety Policy, to include:
• Using personal security systems within the workplace according to practice guidelines
• Awareness of national standards of infection control and cleanliness and regulatory / contractual / professional requirements, and good practice guidelines
• Correct personal use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensuring correct use of PPE by others, advising on appropriate circumstances for use by clinicians, staff and patients.
• Management of the full range of infection control procedures in both routine and extraordinary circumstances (e.g. pandemic or individual infectious circumstances)
• Active observation of current working practices across the practice in relation to infection control, cleanliness and related activities, ensuring that procedures are followed and weaknesses/training needs are identified, escalating issues as appropriate to the responsible person
• Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that manages those risks across clinical and patient process
• Making effective use of training to update knowledge and skills, and initiate and manage the training of others across the full range of infection control and patient processes
• Safe management of sharps use, storage and disposal
• Maintenance of own clean working environment
• Using appropriate infection control procedures, maintaining work areas in a tidy, clean and sterile and safe way, free from hazards. Initiation of remedial / corrective action where needed or escalation to responsible management
• Actively identifying, reporting, and correcting health and safety hazards and infection hazards immediately when recognised
• Keeping own work areas and general/patient areas generally clean, sterile, identifying issues and hazards/risks in relation to other work areas within the business, and assuming responsibility in the maintenance of general standards of cleanliness across the business in consultation (where appropriate) with responsible managers
• Undertaking periodic infection control training (minimum annually)
• Correct waste and instrument management, including handling, segregation, and container use
• Maintenance of sterile environments
• Demonstrate due regard for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

Equality and Diversity:
The post-holder will support the equality, diversity and rights of patients, carers and colleagues, to include:
• Acting in a way that recognizes the importance of people’s rights, interpreting them in a way that is consistent with Practice procedures and policies, and current legislation
• Respecting the privacy, dignity, needs and beliefs of patients, carers and colleagues
• Behaving in a manner which is welcoming to and of the individual, is non-judgmental and respects their circumstances, feelings priorities and rights.

Contribution to the implementation of services:
The post-holder will:
• Apply practice policies, standards and guidance
• Discuss with other members of the team how the policies, standards and guidelines will affect own work
• Participate in audit where appropriate.

Personal/Professional Development:
• Maintain clinical knowledge and practice to standards of capabilities and competencies expected of the position of Paramedic Practitioner.
• To participate in the ongoing clinical supervision framework and individual professional development for clinicians within the Practice.
• Ensure registration and qualifications with the Health and Care Professionals Council is kept up to date.
• Be involved in ongoing education within the practice; to support and provide training to staff members as identified through clinical supervision sessions and reflective practice with clinical colleagues.
• Actively participate in annual performance review (with necessary audits), engage in self-appraisal and provide clear objectives and evidence and develop continuous professional development plans.
• Take responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills and activities to others who are undertaking similar work

The post-holder will strive to maintain quality within the Practice, and will:
• Alert other team members to issues of quality and risk
• Assess own performance and take accountability for own actions, either directly or under supervision
• Contribute to the effectiveness of the team by reflecting on own and team activities and making suggestions on ways to improve and enhance the team’s performance
• Work effectively with individuals in other agencies to meet patients needs
• Effectively manage own time, workload and resources

For more information about this job vacancy please contact Jennifer Richards, Practice Manager, CH Medical,, 0161 785 9240.

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