Deputy Practice Manager

The following are the core responsibilities of the Deputy Practice Manager. There may be on occasion, a requirement to carry out other tasks; this will be dependent upon factors such as workload and staffing levels.

Job Responsibilities: –

Staffing and People Management

 Ensure the smooth/efficient running of the day-to-day management of the practice, including effective management of staff rotas.
 Responsible for the management of all non-clinical staff
 Evaluate, organize and oversee staff induction and training and ensure that all staff are adequately trained to fulfil their role
 Support Practice Business Manager in planning and co-ordinating the recruitment, induction and training of new administrative staff
 Co-ordinate and facilitate clinical appointment systems ensuring oversight of capacity and cover for all absences (clinical rota)
 Responsible for the oversight of booking locums
 Ensure that all staff are legally and gainfully employed. Monitor skill-mix and deployment of staff
 Maintain up-to-date HR documentation (including job descriptions, employment contracts and employment policies)
 To monitor staff annual leave, sickness and absence and mitigate any impact to practice staffing rotas
 Ensure all Practice staff are aware of the need for confidentiality, both of patient and Practice information
 Support the Practice Business Manager to develop, implement and embed an effective practice training programme for all staff (clinical and administrative) liaising with external agencies when necessary and maintaining a training record

Monitoring Practice Performance and Targets
 To read and be aware of all Primary Care relevant targets and contractual obligations including: –
Primary care Network DES
Enhanced Services
Locally Commissioned Services
GP contract
Medicines Management
 Provide updates on specifications on an annual basis and/or as contracts/specifications change
 Briefing clinicians on performance levels, advising actions to ensure high achievement across all QOF areas
 Monitor and evaluate performance of the practice team against objectives, identify a managed change
 Plan and implement process is to achieve targets with all clinical staff, partners and non-clinical staff
 Support and work with partners clinical and non-clinical staff to achieve targets
 Support the management team in the compilation of practice reports

Strategic Management and Planning
 Keep abreast of current affairs and identify potential threats and opportunities
 Contribute to Practice strategy; formulate objectives and research and develop ideas for future Practice development
 Work with Partners and Practice Business Manager in planning and setting strategic targets
 To undertake required tasks to meet the agreed aims and be wholly responsible for them
 Develop and maintain effective communication both within the Practice and with relevant outside agencies

Financial Management
 Understand the financial implications of contract and legislation changes
 Monitor and reconcile income and expenditure statements and purchase/sales ledger transactions in the absence of the PBM
 Manage and monitor PAYE for Practice staff and maintain appropriate records in the absence of the PBM
 Manage contributions to the Practice pension scheme(s) and maintain appropriate records in the absence of the PBM
 Reconcile private income with the secretarial team
 Organise meetings, prepare agendas, write minutes and ensure distribution of minutes as necessary
 Develop Practice protocols and procedures, review and update as required
 Support the Practice Business Administrator to ensure the practice premises are properly maintained and cleaned and that adequate fire prevention and security systems are in place,
 Ensure the procurement of Practice equipment, supplies and services within target budgets
 Manage and support the Practice Business Manager and Operational Manager in the day-to-day operations of the practice, ensuring staff achieve their primary responsibilities
 Ensure staff adhere to policy and procedure at all times
 Monitor and disseminate information on safety alerts and other pertinent information
 Maintain the significant event database, providing advice to staff and briefing the team at meetings as required
 Identify trends and devise solutions to reduce risk and repeated occurrences of significant events

Patient Services
 Adopt a strategic approach to the development and management of patient services
 Ensure service development and delivery is in accordance with local and national guidelines
 Ensure that the Practice complies with NHS contractual obligations in relation to patient care
 Maintain registration policies and monitor patient turnover and capitation
 Oversee and/or develop repeat prescribing systems
 Oversee and/or develop and manage an effective appointments system
 Oversee and/or organise surgery timetables, duty rotas and holiday cover
 Routinely monitor and assess practice performance against patient access and demand management targets
 Develop and implement an effective complaints management system
 Manage patient complaints in line with the national complaint’s guidance
 Liaise with patient groups/PALS

Information Management and Technology
 Evaluate and plan Practice IT implementation and modernisation
 Keep abreast of the latest development in primary care IT including DoH initiatives such EPRs and disease coding, and regularly update the Practice management team
 Motivate, support and monitor staff in the use of IT; organise, oversee and evaluate IT training
 Set targets and monitoring standards for data entry and data collection
 Ensure that the Practice has effective IT data security, back-up, maintenance and disaster recovery plans in place

Health & Safety:
The post-holder will assist in promoting and maintaining their own and others’ health, safety and security as defined in the Practice Health & Safety Policy, to include:
 Using personal security systems within the workplace according to Practice guidelines
 Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that manages those risks
 Making effective use of training to update knowledge and skills
 Using appropriate infection control procedures, maintaining work areas in a tidy and safe way and free from hazards
 Reporting potential risks identified
 Develop/Review Health & Safety policies and procedures and keep abreast of current legislation
 Arrange appropriate insurance cover
 Ensure that the practice has adequate disaster recovery procedures in place
 Arrange appropriate maintenance for Practice equipment

The role of Deputy Practice Manager requires a self-motivated, disciplined individual to take ownership of the efficient day to day running of the practice, supporting the Practice Business Manager and working as a key member of the Management Team.

The postholder will offer strong leadership with business, financial and people skills to continue to drive the practice forward by identifying, and acting on, practice and business opportunities.

To manage and support the Practice Business Manager in all aspects of practice functionality, motivating and managing staff, optimising efficiency and overall performance, ensuring the practice achieves its long-term strategic objectives in a safe and effective working environment.

The Deputy Practice Manager will focus on the day-to-day operability of the practice, championing Collaborative Working, Service Delivery, Learning and Development and promoting a positive working environment.

For more information regarding this opportunity, please contact: Michelle Carmichael

Closing date: 31/05/2022Job reference: type: PermanentStaff group: Administrative and ClericalJob location: ManchesterEmployer: Urban Village Medical PracticeSalary: £34172.00 - £39027.00