GM Workforce Summit 2020

The Greater Manchester Workforce Summit 2020 ran from 9th-19th November 2020. Access presentations and videos of the recorded sessions that were delivered across the two weeks from a wide range of organisations and teams across our health and care system.

Download the Greater Manchester Health and Care Workforce Collaborative Virtual Summit programme.

Monday 9 November

Monday 9 November 10:00–10:45

Hosted by: Janet Wilkinson, Executive Lead for Workforce, OD & System Leadership, GMHSCP Our People Plan for Greater Manchester is in development to provide an updated strategic vision for system workforce transformation across health and care. It goes further than the NHS People Plan; recognising our bigger ambitions here in Greater Manchester. Join this session to find out more about Our People Plan and how you can get involved in shaping this important work.

Our People Plan for Greater Manchester

Monday 9 November 11:00–12:00

Hosted by Matt Smeed, Associate Consultant, North West Employers. North West Employers lead a workshop to explore organisation resilience, with a particular focus on:

  • Taking a systemic approach to organisational resilience
  • Understanding the human impact of stress
  • Energy as the foundation for resilience
  • How to navigate emotional threat triggers to successfull
  • Communicating difficult messages

Download Organisation Resilience

Monday 9 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by Zoe Porter, Delivery Lead: PCCA, GMHSCP & Chris Hamnett, PA and General manager at Embrace, Wigan & Leigh

Despite being the second largest social care workforce, the Personal Assistant in Care role is largely unknown and misunderstood. Unlike PAs in business support or admin, PAs in Care support disabled people to live a happy and healthy life by helping them live as independently as possible. With lower sick rates and turnover than other social care roles, being a PA provides a unique and flexible career path without the need for formal qualifications. We are currently seeing more people enter the job market, from hospitality and retail. The PA role is a great option for a career in health and social care – how can we make it more visible? This session aims to highlight the role and discuss how we can raise its profile to the brilliant people out there who would make an excellent PA for someone in need.

Download Personal Assistants in Care: a hidden workforce?

Monday 9 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Yvonne Rogers and Christopher Buckley, Bringing Back Staff Programme team. Find out more about this North West Programme to support the immediate and short term (emergency) workforce pressures and implications in response to the pandemic. This session will outline the current situation, information on how providers can currently access the programme and next steps and future ambitions for creating a long term model that supports primary, secondary and social care.

Download North West Bringing Back Staff: Supporting workforce demand in the system

Tuesday 10 November

Tuesday 10 November 10:00–11:00

Hosted by Paula Breeze, GM AHP Programme Lead.

Hear about the Greater Manchester Allied Health Professionals Programme – including key areas of work to expand placement offers and improve leadership development. The session will also explore the important role AHPs have to play in supporting our ongoing COVID response and recovery.

Register for this session at

Download Working together for our Greater Manchester Allied Health Professionals

Download Developing our AHP leaders

Tuesday 10 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by: Robert Mulligan and Alan Slack, Greater Manchester Virtual Workforce Information System programme team.

Find out more about the Virtual Workforce Information System (VWIS), how it is already benefiting services and how you can introduce it in your locality. VWIS provides localities with an overview of the shape and composition of the workforce within Local Care Organisations. It can support with cross-system workforce planning and identification of lower resilience areas where new or novel roles could be utilised. This session is a valuable opportunity to find out more about this innovative workforce planning tool.

Download Virtual Workforce Information System: Changing the way we see our workforce

Tuesday 10 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by Phil Pennill and Nichola Wallworth, GMCA Skills and Intelligence Team.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) Skills and Intelligence team lead a discussion on the current and future skills needs within our health and care system. Participants can help shape plans to ensure the skills sector has the right provision in place to achieve collective growth and support COVID recovery.

Download Skills Intelligence – What are the current and future skill needs for the Greater Manchester Public Sector?

Wednesday 11 November

Wednesday 11 November 10:00–10:45

Hosted by Dr Alison Lea, GP & Clinical Director for Primary Care Workforce & Kerry Porter, Primary Care Workforce Programme Manager, GMHSCP.

This workshop will support anyone looking to develop rotational models across organisations. The interactive workshop will share examples of rotational models in action across Greater Manchester and other Integrated Care Systems. It will explore the opportunities and potential barriers, as well as sharing best practice and help make connections.

Download Rotational models for delivering primary care workforce expansion

Wednesday 11 November 11:00–12:00

Hosted by Reinis Jones, Greater Manchester Health and Care Careers Hub Manager.

Work experience and other types of industry placements play a vital role in introducing the future workforce to health and social care. They also provide a much-needed insight to support the learners with their college courses and university applications. The social distancing and safe working measures currently in place mean that most of the traditional opportunities are now unavailable, with no fixed date for a restart. The Greater Manchester Health and Care Careers Hub would like to invite you to a discussion on how we all work together to introduce a GM-wide solution, suitable for current circumstances – based on existing good practice – and with the potential to expand our reach in the future.

Download Work experience and industry placements during a time of social distancing

Wednesday 11 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by: Sue Wright, GM Employability Project Manager and Jo Finnerty, Adult Social Care Workforce, GMHSCP.

The Step into Care programme was launched in May 2020 with the ambition of offering a supported route into a social care career for people who are furthest from the job market and / or had seen their jobs impacted by COVID. Since then the programme has continued to develop and grow. This session will:

  • Share a best practice model that has successfully addressed the challenges of delivering essential training during COVID in a particularly challenged sector
  • Share the successes, including some great case studies, that we have seen in terms of taking a values-based approach to placement matching, and the opportunities this has opened up for both participants and social care providers

Download An introduction to the Step into Care Pre-Employment Programme

Wednesday 11 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Sue First, Helen Lord and Sean Freeman, University of Bolton.

The University of Bolton have created an innovative quality assured programme of education for carers in the care home sector. With funding from Health Education England, the project aims to provide education whilst providing opportunities for people working within and aspiring to work in the care homes sector. This session will outline the development of the Care Homes project, findings from the project to date and explore the potential for sharing the learning across Greater Manchester.

Download University of Bolton Care Home Education Award – An educational programme.

Thursday 12 November

Thursday 12 November 10:00–10:55

Hosted by Katherine McGuirk, Greater Manchester Resilience Hub.

Greater Manchester Resilience Hub share their experience of supporting our health and care workforce and their families during the COVID 19 pandemic. They will outline the current offer for staff and their learning to date. There will also be opportunity to explore key themes and needs from across the system to develop the hub’s offer and help ensure equity of access across Greater Manchester.

Download Greater Manchester Resilience Hub: Supporting staff and developing our GM offer together

Thursday 12 November 11:00–12:00

Hosted by: Dave Wilson, Tameside Council, Paula Bell, Tameside and Glossop Integrated NHS FT & Jo Finnerty, GMHSCP.

This session will share Tameside’s experience of delivering the award-winning Blended Roles trailblazer pilot. The pilot started in 2019 and explored how we work in a more integrated way across health and social care at a neighbourhood level, for the benefit of residents and the workforce, and the opportunity that could be offered by the creation of new integrated health and social care roles. The project brought together the local authority quality and commissioning team, the district nursing team and adult social care independent sector providers, to work together to develop solutions and implement these at a neighbourhood level. Through developing a shared care approach, significant improvements emerged with positive impact for individuals supported, and for staff across the health and social care teams. Come along to this session to find out more about the development of new roles, integrated working arrangements and the approach to training and development, as well as the lessons learned and challenges, and the factors for successful implementation.

Download GM Blended Roles Programme – learning from the Tameside Trailblazer

Thursday 12 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by: Estephanie Dunn, RCN, James Bull and Amy Barringer, UNISON.

Join Greater Manchester trade union colleagues for a discussion on the importance of partnership working when preparing for and dealing with the unknown. This session will look at the challenges faced by our workforce during the COVID 19 pandemic and how trade unions worked with employers to tackle those challenges, and strengthen practice around equality, diversity and inclusion for all staff. It will also highlight the important role played by staff side representatives; flexing their approach and adding value to the system. Looking forward, this session will explore how we build on this successful partnership working as we develop reset plans for services and look to truly build back better for the benefit of all our workforce.

Download Exploring the value of partnership working during times of crisis

Thursday 12 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Dr Michelle Howarth & Professor Jackie Leigh, University of Salford.

This discussion will provide an overview of how we can develop the future workforce through introducing an innovative and creative education framework that enables student learning in the third sector. The discussion will explore the traditional pathogenic mode of placement delivery and explore how personalised care maybe promoted through the salutogenic third sector PerCIE learning model. We will provide an example of a recently completed Higher Education Funded pilot project that evaluated student nurse placements in three VCSE organisations and discuss key lessons. The discussion will conclude with an open discussion about the challenges and enablers to innovative workforce development through the third sector.

Download Innovative Partnership – Shaping learning through the Third Sector

Friday 13 November

Friday 13 November 10:00–10:45

Hosted by: Gilly Lee, Queens Nurse & Neighbourhood Lead, MLCO & Regional Lead (NW) Chief Nursing Officers BME Strategic Advisory group.

An insight into the COVID 19 response at neighbourhood level – responding to emerging priorities and challenges of the pandemic – from gold command to neighbourhood huddles, digital access and cross system working, to the story of Black Lives Matters and PPE and the health inequalities for our communities.

Download Responding to the pandemic: my experience in role as the Neighbourhood Lead

Friday 13 November 11:00–12:00

Hosted by: Janet Wilkinson, Executive Lead for Workforce, OD & System Leadership, GMHSCP.

At the end of March Janet Wilkinson was deployed to the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West as Director of Workforce. Her task was to lead the recruitment and induction of its workforce in just 13 days. In this session, Janet will share her experience from the Nightingale and the valuable lessons her team learned from building a workforce during a pandemic.

Download Lessons from building NHS Nightingale Hospital North West

Friday 13 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by: Dr Gill Tonge, GP and Director of HMR Primary Care Academy and Kerry Porter, Primary Care Workforce Programme Manager, GMHSC.

Greater Manchester colleagues share their experience of working with the GP school to support those individuals about to qualify and look to retain them within the Greater Manchester conurbation. The team will outline what has made the programme so successful, with a view to exploring the potential of expanding the work to other professions. The session will include interlocking opportunities around fellowships and what this means for newly qualified doctors and their employer, GP leadership and development, peer support and mentorship opportunities for more career mature doctors. It will also discuss the impact of the pandemic and how we continue to support newly qualified GPs at this challenging time.

Download Greater Manchester GP retain programme

Friday 13 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Melvyn Thomas, Associate Consultant, North West Employers.

Join North West Employers for a discussion on understanding mental health in the workplace, with particular focus on:

  • Defining Mental Health
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • The impact of COVID on mental health
  • The Risks of Mental Health
  • Preparing Yourself as a manager (and first responder)
  • At a high level: Some common mental health conditions – Personality Disorders, Mood Disorders, Trauma, Anxiety Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, Suicide, Bereavement

Download Improving your wellbeing using smarter working

Monday 16 November

Monday 16 November 10:00–10:45

Hosted by: Katy Coope, Head of Workforce Transformation, NHSEI North West.

This session is a valuable opportunity to find out more about the North West People Programme, led by NHS England/Improvement, Health Education England and the North West NHS Leadership Academy. It will outline the structure, governance and objectives of the NW People Programme as well as discussion on the following key areas of work: – Workforce Transformation – Workforce Supply – Colleague Experience – Inclusive Leadership and Talent – HR and employer support – Social care – Equality and Diversity and Inclusion – Workforce metrics and data

Download An introduction to the North West People Programme

Download Leadership Through the lens of health and wellbeing

Monday 16 November 11:00–12:00

Hosted by: Health Innovation Manchester.

Health Innovation Manchester outline the role they continue to play during the COVID 19 pandemic, and how, working as a system, we are upskilling and enabling our current and future health and social care workforce to adopt digital innovations and tools to provide better patient care. This session will also provide information on the national Academic Health Science Network Collaborative Innovation programme and benefits to Greater Manchester.

Download Enabling current and future workforce to deliver digitalised patient care

Monday 16 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Karen Heggs, UoM & Carol Leblanc & Caroline Williams, GM Nursing, Midwifery & AHP Programme Management Office.

The workshop will provide an overview of the Health Education England funded Enabling Effective Learning Environments Strategy and the draft Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Learning Environments Strategy. This is a valuable opportunity to help shape the draft GM strategy and support the development of high quality learning environments, with sufficient capacity, for non-medical professions – nursing, midwifery and AHP – across health and social care.

Download Enabling Effective Learning Environments and the development of the GM Health and Social Care Learning Environment Strategy

Tuesday 17 November

Tuesday 17 November 10:00–10:45

Hosted by Lesley Royle-Pryor GM Primary and Community Nurse Lead and Kerry Porter, Primary Care Workforce Programme Manager, GMHSCP. This session will explore the support available in Greater Manchester to develop the nursing pathway in primary care; from upskilling of team members to health care support workers, to healthcare assistants, nursing associates through to registered nurse. There will be further information on interlocking opportunities around fellowships, the leadership and development of our primary care nursing workforce, the CARE programme and ambassador roles. It will also discuss the impact of the pandemic on the primary care nursing working workforce and the nursing career pathway.

Download Developing nursing career pathways in primary care

Tuesday 17 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by: Nicole Williams, Chartered Occupational Psychologist & Deputy Director of OD & Engagement, WWL NHS Foundation Trust.

When COVID-19 first arrived, health and care organisations faced many unforeseen organisational and workforce challenges. In this session, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust talk about some of the challenges they faced in relation to staff engagement and wellbeing, the importance of measurement at this time, and how heir survey data helped them to understand the important factors that influenced engagement and wellbeing during the peak of the pandemic. The measures used were influenced by the British Psychological Society’s guidance on how to psychologically support staff during the pandemic, and their findings have provided many lessons learnt to support them to be in a better position to prepare for an impending second peak.

Download Staff Engagement, Wellbeing & Covid-19 in an NHS Acute and Community Trust: Using Psychological Science to Learn Lessons from Wave One and Prepare for Wave Two

Tuesday 17 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Dr Karen Stansfield, University of Salford, Melanie Rushton, University of Salford & Jacqui Gladwin, Health Education England. This session will discuss a training programme that was developed in partnership with NHS England in a very short period of time in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. The co-produced training programme was developed to enable the new workforce of the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West, to be confident and competent to deliver safe effective care, by strengthening their knowledge and skills. Come along to hear from the academics involved in the development of the programme and explore what tools were deployed and what lessons can be learned.

Download Preparing the workforce to care for patients in a global pandemic

Wednesday 18 November

Wednesday 18 November 11:00–12:00

Hosted by: Safina Nadeem, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Care Quality Commission.

An interactive and thought provoking workshop designed to support colleagues to have courageous conversations about institutional and systemic race inequalities, entrenched in the workplace and society.

Wednesday 18 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by: Carol Mitchell and Jez Ashdown, Skills for Care.

The session will focus on the issue of trust between individuals as a building block for effective partnership working between organisations and will include exploring the Skills for Care guidance ‘Top Tips for Building trust between health and social care organisations’ and ‘The principles of workforce integration’.

Session activities will include participation in break out groups to explore

  • Where are we now? – what is working well in GM?
  • What does good partnership working feel like for individuals?
  • What does poor partnership working feel like for individuals?
  • How do organisations build trust between individuals from different professional and organisational cultures and perspectives?

Download Building Trust for Effective Partnership and Collaboration

Wednesday 18 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Russell Harvey, Associate Consultant, North West Employers.

“The ability to perform at one’s best in extreme conditions comes from a combination of confidence, positive and adaptive thinking, a sense of calm and composure under fire, exceptional focus and concentration and the ability to envision success before it happens.” – Dr Louis Csoka.

In this session, you’ll explore what it means to live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. What are the capabilities of resilient leaders and what are the skills needed to drive peak performance in yourself and others in times of change?

Thursday 19 November

Thursday 19 November 10:00–11:00

Hosted by: Dr Sharon Spooner and Dr Imelda McDermott, University of Manchester.

In Greater Manchester, the vision for primary care is for ‘digitally enabled, multidisciplinary, integrated and preventative support, based in the right place for the local population’. The aims are to broaden primary care workforce in terms of roles and skills and multi-disciplinary working. In this talk, colleagues from University of Manchester will share their research in this field and explore the challenges in implementing skill mix in primary care by focusing on the following questions:

  1. What are the challenges in matching patients with the ‘right’ practitioner?
  2. What are the unintended consequences of employing new roles and upskilling workforce?
  3. What are the benefits and limitations of having PCN-employed practitioners?
  4. What are the challenges in implementing multi-disciplinary working in primary care?
  5. What are the implications of new care navigation/triage system for receptionists and patients? The session will conclude by discussing skill mix in the context of COVID-19 in terms of remote consultation and digitally-enabled primary care.

Thursday 19 November 13:00–13:45

Hosted by: John Herring, Strategic Lead for Organisational Development and System Leadership, GMHSCP.

This session will present where we find ourselves in GM in regard to Workforce Race Equality across our public services and what we are doing to address the issues. There will be opportunity for participants to share their thoughts and ideas as well as learn from what we have done so far.

Thursday 19 November 14:00–15:00

Hosted by: Julie Want and Cathy Sloan, AQUA.

There has never been a more important time for organisations to equip their leaders with the right skills, behaviours and capabilities to deliver integrated services for population and place. AQuA’s Leading Integrated Teams is a programme for ambitious leaders of multidisciplinary teams, which brings together the latest thinking in leadership and team development to help leaders to navigate complex, interdependent systems of care and support.

This workshop will give participants an overview of the key skills required to develop new ways of working and delivering care, particularly in a neighbourhood setting. It will give participants an opportunity to reflect on their individual leadership and hear from past participants on how the programme supported them and their teams.