Student placements

Greater Manchester Training Hub oversees a programme of student placements that take place in a Clinical Learning Environment (CLE). Plcaments are currently available for the roles of Nurse, Paramedic and Physician Associate.

This is an audited primary care service, which is thoroughly inspected to ensure the services and students safety. They provide a setting of realism, where skills and knowledge can be applied to patients directly and prepare students for a successful and future career.

With a positive experience, and the fact that many career paths are chosen whilst on placement, many students return to primary care upon graduation. This will, in turn, sustain the future of primary care and its workforce.

Download the Student placement charter which demonstrates the Placement’s commitment to provide a safe and high quality learning environment for all learners to prepare them for their future roles working collaboratively in multi-professional teams.

Find out more and submit and expression of interest in a student placement at