AHP Ambassadors

Our Greater Manchester Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Ambassadors will share learning about how the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) roles are supporting Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to improve working practices and deliver better patient outcomes.

Our AHP Ambassadors will create a series of 16 podcasts, interviews and videos to showcase the new to primary care roles and highlight the added value that they bring.

Joanne Roberts

Joanne Roberts, AHP Ambassador

Joanne Roberts, Musculoskeletal Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, Manchester Foundation Trust.

Nicola McAinsh

Nicola McAinsh, AHP Ambassador

Nicola McAinsh, Principal Service Lead Physiotherapist, Bolton Foundation Trust

Judith Dawson

Judith Dawson, AHP Ambassador

Judith Dawson, First Contact Physiotherapist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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Joanne Roberts, Musculoskeletal Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, Manchester Foundation Trust
Joanne Roberts, AHP Ambassador

Joanne qualified in 1995 with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from University of Salford. Her first post was at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust where following her junior rotations she specialised in musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy. Joanne currently holds the position of Musculoskeletal Clinical Lead physiotherapist for a large AHP team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation assistants at Trafford and Altrincham which are encompassed within Manchester Foundation Trust. She has held this post for six years. As an advanced practitioner in this role Joanne is able to order appropriate diagnostics, provide excellent clinical reasoning and assessment and treatment and provide injection therapy. She holds a Masters in Advanced Practice from the University of Liverpool. Joanne also works in orthopaedic clinics, and fracture clinics running her own lists and making advanced clinical decisions. She therefore has a good understanding of the surgical management of a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions and the importance of a streamlined transition of patients from primary to secondary care.

During her 23 years of clinical MSK experience she has gained expert knowledge and clinical assessment skills and thus has an appreciation of the skills required for first contact practitioners (FCPs). She has over ten years’ experience working in MSK Tier 2 services across Merseyside and Greater Manchester and has thus signposted patients and worked collaboratively with the MDT in primary care to ensure the best outcomes for her patients.

Joanne has presented at conferences and to commissioners when bidding for MSK contracts. She has led her team to win awards for the development of condition specific Web based exercise programs for patients and also was a member of the project management team in the development of virtual fracture clinic for the Manchester Royal Infirmary and is to implement at Trafford in the near future. She has completed leadership and project management modules as part of her masters and as clinical lead has also been pivotal in the operational management of the therapy department gaining skills in quality improvement, people management, workforce development/sustainability, and service development. Since commencing her present role there are now advanced practitioners in urgent care, fracture clinics, hand clinics and an increased number in both lower limb and upper limb clinics. She has developed rotations for the Band 6 therapists to increase their MSK experience and enable them to develop a wide variety of skills. This has significantly improved the profile of therapies and increased collaboration between the members of the multidisciplinary team across all of MFTs hospital sites.

Joanne commenced her role as a AHP ambassador in February but had to return to substantive post as a response to COVID. Achievements so far are working with the University to help advise on primary care curriculum, presentation to the CCG on the ARRS and the collaborative production of a one page sell to be marketed to all relevant stakeholders.  We are currently developing a webinar to showcase all the roles in a different format this again will be available for all stakeholders. All work has been  a collaboration with the two other GM AHP ambassadors and the ambassadors across the region.

Nicola McAinsh, Principal Service Lead Physiotherapist, Bolton Foundation Trust
Nicola McAinsh, Principal Service Lead Physiotherapist, Bolton Foundation Trust

Nicola McAinsh (Nicola.mcainsh@boltonFT.nhs.UK) is a Physiotherapist with 27 years experience (25 of them being in MSK).  For the past 3 years she has taken a step out of clinical duties and now works as a Principal Service Lead, managing the MSK Therapy department at Bolton FT.

She has been pivotal in setting up the MSK FCP Physiotherapy service in Bolton, working collaboratively with the CCG and the CSP to roll out a service across all GP practices. This service was one of the first in the country, it currently employs 10 FCP Physiotherapists and is looking to expand.

Nicola has been working closely with and supporting local HEIs on the development of apprenticeships, a MSc/BSc Physiotherapy degree course, and is supporting them on the development of focused FCP training.

Nicola is also a NW AHP ambassador working with Health Education England to promote the AHP first contact roles and works closely with PCNs in the west of Greater Manchester to advise and support them in their decisions on developing a multidisciplinary AHP first contact service.

Judith Dawson, First Contact Physiotherapist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Judith Dawson First Contact Physiotherapist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Judith Dawson (judith.dawson@srft.nhs.uk) has 32 years of physiotherapy experience; 30 years of which has been in MSK.

Prior and alongside First contact physiotherapy (FCP) she practices as an Advanced physiotherapy practitioner in a MSK Clinical assessment and treatment service and also owns  and practices in an Independent Physiotherapy practice. 

She has worked collaboratively with other health professionals to establish primary care intervention for patients with chronic pain and was the local clinical primary care lead for the delivery and roll out of the National back pain pathway across MSK services in Salford. Judith has worked in an extended role for over 20 years. She practices and has previously taught injection therapy. She is also a non- medical prescriber.

Judith is also a NW AHP Ambassador, with primarily responsibility for the NCA patch of GM, and is trying to be a solution focussed, problem solving and supportive Ambassador.

She has already offered support and advice to several MSK service leads/PCN leads that have now gone on to secure funding and support for FCP physiotherapy role out.  She is hoping that she can also help other ARRS AHP’s to develop different First contact services.

She remains in discussion with local HEI/GM training hubs to help influence based on the national agenda the local development of Academic accreditation for primary care.

Judith also updates the NW CSP professional advisor to ensure that NW FCP physiotherapy role out maintains the high standards of the profession.