Medical leadership

Postgraduate Medical and Dental Training in the North West equips the next generation of doctors and dentists with the leadership capabilities to enable them to perform effectively in the delivery of future services.  As effective medical leaders, they will oversee the delivery of effective, safe and high-quality care to patients, and support the development of innovation in healthcare treatment and provision.

Health Education England North West (HEE NW) commissions a range of leadership development opportunities that comply with the standards for medical education and training set by the General Medical Council and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.

Health Education England North West (HEE NW) funds a high quality Fellowship programme for exceptional trainee doctors and dentists. The HEE NW Medical Leadership Fellowship programme (MLFP) is a flexible, challenging and practically orientated approach to leadership development.

The Fellowship programme is based on integrating all aspects of Medical Leadership to prepare hospital doctors and dentists for their future leadership roles. It enables individuals to experience a range of leadership opportunities made up of academic, clinical and vocational elements.

It is hoped that by stimulating interest in medical education during training, individuals will go forward with the skills and motivation to take up valuable leadership / supervision roles within their workplace. Being an Medical Leadership Fellow helps to foster a culture of excellence and leadership in the clinical workplace.

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Programme Components

Academic Programme

The fellowship will financially support trainees to complete 2 modules of the Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Leadership

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Clinical Programme

Design and delivery of a quality/service improvement project related to medical leadership in the trainee’s clinical setting, either workplace, or school based, supervised by a senior member of faculty at the HEE (NW) Deanery and with the support of the Trust Clinical Director or equivalent.

The project must be in addition to any annual audit/QI project required as part of the specialty curriculum requirements and will be trainee-directed with input as required from a range of senior educators, including Associate Deans, Head of School, Training Programme Directors, Practice Leads and Directors of Medical Education, as relevant to the project.

Vocational Programme

During the fellowship, MLFs will have the opportunity to learn from medical leadership encounters and access relevant HEE experiences and development opportunities. These could include the following:

  • Opportunity to shadow people in Medical Leadership roles e.g Medical Director, CCG lead, national leadership lead
  • Psychometric tools (e.g. MBTI, Belbin) delivered by a member of HEE staff  
  • Healthcare Leadership Model (HLM) 360 degrees appraisal  
  • Opportunity to present a poster at the HEE (NW) Annual Conference (year 2) 

In addition to the more formal elements of the programme, MLFs are encouraged to develop their leadership portfolio and CV and seek opportunities to support leadership in the workplace.

Eligibility criteria

  • GPST2 and above trainees must have a minimum of 12 months left on their training programme, to allow time to complete the scheme. We will offer GP Leadership Fellows one extra month’s training time to help allow time to complete alongside their training programme.
  • Trainees must have full support from their Training Programme Director and Educational Supervisor
  • Trainees must demonstrate a commitment to medical leadership in their application to the scheme.
  • Trainees must have had an ARCP outcome 1 at their most recent ARCP

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To support trainees in meeting the essential capabilities in leadership and teamworking, Health Education England offers higher specialty trainees at ST4 and above, and GPST1-3 trainees the opportunity of a funded place to complete module 1 (HEA4117) of the PGCert in Medical Leadership at Edge Hill University.

The module aligns to the standards as set by the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model (2013), the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management standards (2016), the GMC Leadership and Management for all Doctors (2012) and the Generic Professional Capabilities Framework (2017).

The aim of the module is to develop reflective medical leaders who are aware of their strengths, limitations/challenges and who can proactively manage themselves, lead their teams and practice-based change, across the healthcare system. You will undertake a variety of self-assessment tools such as personality type, team role preference, Emotional Intelligence and resilience.

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The individual as leader

This interactive 1 day workshop will allow participants to examine their own individual leadership styles and explore ways of dealing with the demands of life as a consultant in the NHS.

This course has been designed for trainee doctors of any specialty at any level. You will learn about:

  • Surviving as a senior doctor in the NHS today
  • Emotional intelligence – understanding yourself, and others
  • Leadership styles – identifying effective leadership strategies for yourself
  • Problem solving – finding solutions to day-to-day challenges
  • Seeking and responding to feedback – maximising opportunities through appraisal

Organisational leadership

Exclusively for trainee doctors in the North West region, this interactive workshop will enable doctors to explore the theory and practice of team leadership and organisational change.

Topics include:

  • defining the nature and purpose of leadership
  • effective team working – leadership and team dynamics
  • understanding the culture of your organisation
  • how to work across organisational boundaries – engaging effectively with others
  • leading and managing organisational change.

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The North West Leadership Schools (NWLS) are an initiative of Health Education England (North West). Each year we run a series of free events, workshops and lectures with the aim of inspiring and developing leadership skills in medical and dental trainees.

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The NHS Leadership Academy’s philosophy is simple – great leadership development improves leadership behaviours and skills. Better leadership leads to better patient care, experience and outcomes.

The video below explains how the NHS Leadership Academy supports leaders to build a brighter future.

Our purpose is to work with our partners to deliver excellent leadership across the NHS to have a direct impact on patient care. We offer a range of tools, modelsprogrammes and expertise to support individuals, organisations and local partners to develop leaders, celebrating and sharing where outstanding leadership makes a real difference.

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