GM podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to listen to and stay up to date with a series of published audio episodes. GM has its own podcast called “Primary Care Knowledge Boost” which is supported by the GP Excellence Programme. The podcasts are FREE to access and can be counted towards CPD points.

Join Dr Sara MacDermott and Dr Lisa Adams, two GPs in the Greater Manchester area, on the Primary Care Knowledge Boost podcast as they interview specialists from different subject areas with the aim of improving the confidence and knowledge of local primary care clinicians.

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Primary Care Knowledge Boost podcast

What are the podcasts about?

The podcasts were developed by two GP Fellows in Wigan. They were working with the CCG to help bring about improvements in their local area for patients and healthcare professionals and wanted to develop a regularly released educational podcast for primary care clinicians.

They interview specialists from a range of different areas, in a bid to enable clinicians in primary care to feel more confident on a wide range of subjects. Some of the currently available topics include heart failure, acid reflux, abnormal LFTs and contraception. Future releases include a haematology series and talking about resilience.

Listening on a podcast app

If you listen to podcasts already, you can find us on your favourite podcast app by searching “Primary Care Knowledge Boost”. If you don’t have a podcast app, they are free and can be installed on most devices.

To install:

  1. Go to your phone’s app store (the Google Play Store for Android users and the iTunes store for iPhone users)
  2. Download a podcast app. Our favourites are ‘Castbox’, ’Pocketcasts’ and ‘Spotify’, as well as Apple’s own ‘Podcasts’ app for iPhone users
  3. Open your app and search for ‘Primary Care Knowledge Boost’
  4. Click “Subscribe”.

Once you have installed an app and subscribed you should now be able to view all previous podcasts and will be notified when new ones are posted.