Practice Manager

Practice managers work in primary care, where they manage the overall running of general practices (GP surgeries). As a practice manager, you’ll work where people often have their first and most frequent point of contact with the NHS. Practice managers will work with a variety of staff who work from or are based within the practice. These staff will typically include GPspractice nurses, medical secretaries, receptionists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and others.

Becoming a Practice Manager

To enter a career in practice management, you would typically be an accomplished manager, bringing both day-to-day management skills as well as a strategic perspective. Qualifications and experience required will vary, but you’ll usually need a management qualification, and a proven experience of motivating people. Read more »

Practice Managers in Primary Care

Practice Manager

For a career in primary care practice management, you’ll need a variety of skills and qualities. You will need excellent financial skills, the ability to manage a changing environment, good communication skills, leadership and motivational and organisational skills. Read more »

Peer support

Practice managers often receive relatively little formal training or ongoing development. Many practice managers report feeling overburdened and isolated in their role.

Since 2017 NHS England has supported the growth of local networks of practice managers which promote sharing of good ideas, action learning and peer support. Read more »

Other resources for Practice Managers

Access a range of useful resources for Practice Managers and find out more about the role of a Practice Manager in primary care. Read more »

GM training hub

GM Training Hub

The Greater Manchester Training Hub aims to raise the profile of general practice through engagement, education, experience and expansion. Read more »