Return to work GPs

The scheme is designed for GPs who have previously been on the GMC Register and NHS England’s National Performers List (Medical) and who would like to return to general practice after a career break, raising a family or time spent working abroad. The scheme also supports the safe introduction of overseas GPs who have qualified outside the UK and have no previous NHS experience. For more information visit the General Practice National Recruitment Office at:

The Portfolio Route gives the option for GPs, who have worked in UK general practice for at least a year, or left within a year of completing training, and are working abroad in a similar primary care setting, to return smoothly to the UK by providing information from their overseas practice rather than take the Induction and Refresher Scheme assessments. Ideally, before a GP leaves the UK to start a new job abroad they should familiarise themselves with the requirements of the Portfolio Route. For more information, visit the General Practice National Recruitment Office at: and the RCGP website at:  (RCGP members only)

After a two-year break from clinical general practice, GPs are removed from the National Performers List (Medical) and will need to return via the Induction and Refresher Scheme (see sections above). However, if you remain on the National Performers List (Medical) the process for returning is much simpler. To help you transition back there is range of support available locally to facilitate your return. In the first instance please Contact Us to discuss. You could consider contacting your Local Medical Committee as they may also be able to provide further advice.

The scheme is aimed at GPs who may be looking to leave general practice or have left general practice, who are unable to undertake regular part time work and cannot commit to working more than four sessions a week (for example, due to child care responsibilities). The scheme supports both the retained GP and the practice by offering financial support in recognition of the fact that this role offers greater flexibility and educational support than a ‘regular’ part-time salaried post. For more information about the scheme in the North West and how to apply, visit:

RCGP members can request a guidance document created with returning GPs in mind (maternity, sick leave, career breaks, working abroad etc.). Further openly available information is available at:

You can find BMA guidance and support on preparing for a good return to work at:

Please visit the ‘Other Resources for GPs’ page.