GM Primary Care Apprenticeships

Our ambition is that Greater Manchester will lead the way in apprenticeship employment, providing quality opportunities for learning and development. More of our employers than ever before will see the contribution that high quality, sustainable apprenticeships can make to their business and their workforce.

Our residents will be inspired and supported to make decisions about how an apprenticeship can support their personal and professional development. In Greater Manchester apprenticeships will create more better quality opportunities for anyone looking to develop their career at any time.

Read more about Apprenticeships and better understand ‘What is an Apprenticeship?‘.

Apprentices in primary care – success in practice published by Health Education England outlines the benefits of apprenticeship qualifications in primary care support roles and showcases the impact of apprentices within the work environment. There are a broad range of profiles covering medical administration, business administration, customer service, healthcare and team leading.

Download Apprentices in primary care – success in practice.

With Levy paying organisations now able to transfer up to 25% of their funds to other employers, there was a need to create a simple a process for both parties to ensure maximum levy investment is retained in Greater Manchester.

To achieve this goal, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) commissioned the Growth Company to develop and deliver a digital platform that connects levy payers with SMEs, to facilitate the transfer of any unspent funding, whilst also negating the need for SMEs to pay the 5% co-investment costs.

With Levy paying organisations now able to transfer up to 25% of their funds to other employers there was a need to make this as simple a process as possible for both parties to ensure maximum levy investment is retained in GM, non-levy paying organisations have no training cost and apprenticeship training providers do not use up their limited non-levy funding.

Employers large and small can register on the Levy matchmaking website at to transfer or receive funds from their apprenticeship digital accounts covering the training costs of a specified apprentice.

Download a flyer about the Levy matchmaking website.

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Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Primary Care Academy offer apprenticeships to broaden the scope of training and development for existing staff, whilst attracting new people to improve diversity within the workplace and bridging gaps in Primary Care. They provide a future workforce for clinical and non-clinical roles, counteract an ageing workforce and making career progression simpler in the NHS. Apprenticeship qualifications are available in many areas of Primary Care including Business Administration, Healthcare, Team Leading, Customer Service and Management.

Higher and degree apprenticeships bring together universities, employers, professional bodies and apprentices in a formal relationship to meet the skills needs of the economy. Apprenticeships are a priority for the Academy and it is working with various providers to help with the delivery of a range of apprenticeships driven by employer demand.

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The apprenticeship levy, introduced in April 2017, is paid by all employers who have an annual pay bill of £3 million or more. The rate of the levy is set at 0.5 per cent of the total pay bill and is paid to HMRC through the PAYE process. Those with a pay bill of less than £3 million use different arrangements to pay for apprenticeship training.

Levy-paying employers set up an online account to access levy funds which are paid in each month. The levy funds are used to pay for apprenticeship training costs, but not employment costs. Any funds that are not used expire 24 months after they enter the account. To help minimise the risk of funds expiring, the funding works on a first-in, first-out basis, with payments taken from those funds that entered the account first.

In order to prevent levy funds being left unused, organisations can transfer 25 per cent of their contributions to another organisation or business for them to use. Read the NHS Employers briefing on levy transfers to understand how you can transfer and make the best use of funds.

The NHS Employers briefings on using the apprenticeship levy and maximising your apprenticeship levy showcase examples of how NHS Trusts are gaining the most from their apprenticeship levy.

You will need to procure a training provider to run your apprenticeship programmes, unless your organisation is already one. You can find out about how to procure apprenticeship programmes using the Health Education England procurement toolkit.

View more information about the rules for where most procurement spend and activity takes place at