GatewayC’s Lung cancer vs COVID-19 webinar

In this webinar, Dr Sarah Taylor and key lung cancer specialists explores lung cancer referrals and diagnosis during COVID-19.

Most individuals and their families work through the transition into end of life care differently. This means healthcare professionals are often faced with families who are at different stages in their perceptions and acceptance of the benefits of treatment, when to stop and how to start preparing for death. These issues can often lead to tensions and anxiety in relationships.

In this webinar, Dr Sarah Taylor and and key lung cancer specialists discuss:

  • What has happened to lung cancer referrals and diagnoses during COVID-19
  • Why has this happened?
  • How do primary care professionals distinguish between lung cancer and COVID-19 and what resources are available to support them?
  • Guidelines for chest X-rays during COVID-19
  • How do we cope with additional challenges over the winter?

Watch a recording of the webinar below.