Returning to practice

To return to practice after a career break you will first have to ensure that your full registration with the General Dental Council (GDC) is current and that your indemnification is organised. You will have kept up your CPD hours including attendance at GDC core courses during your time away from dental practice.

When you are ready to return to practice you will need to decide how and where you wish to work. This could be full or part-time, in primary or secondary care, and could be in a predominantly NHS or private practice.

How do you rejoin the GDC register?

Dentists or DCPs wishing to apply for restoration to the General Dental Council register can access the online application process via eGDC, selecting the option ‘Log in to eGDC’ or ‘New to eGDC’.

Following completion of the online application process you will be issued with a personalised application form to download, print, sign and submit along with your supporting documents. 

You will also be required to:

How much does it cost to rejoin the GDC register?

How much restoration costs depends on when you wish to restore your name to the Register. If you return your restoration form to us in the two months before the annual retention fee for your profession is due, you will also need to include this in your payment. This will ensure you are registered for the following registration year.

How long will it take to rejoin the GDC register?

The GDC endeavour to assess your application within 15 working days. However it can take longer during peak processing times, including throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that delays can also occur if the form is not completed correctly, necessary supporting evidence has not been supplied, and/or if there are any concerns raised within your application which will require the GDC to assess it further before they can register you.