Greater Manchester Mass Vaccination Programme


Preparations are underway across the Greater Manchester health and social care system to ensure we are ready to deliver a Mass Vaccination Programme (MVP) as soon as a Covid-19 vaccine has been authorised and is ready to deploy.

Greater Manchester workforce bank

Greater Manchester Primary Care Workforce bank

Greater Manchester now has a workforce bank, hosted by Lantum, and we have agreed a consistent offer for all general practices who access the workforce bank at 1% of the sessional fee only. There is no sign up fee, subscription or finders fee if you engage an individual on a longer term basis.

GM Workforce Summit 2020

Greater Manchester Workforce Programme

Access presentations and videos of the recorded sessions that were delivered across the two weeks from a wide range of organisations and teams across our health and care system as part of the Greater Manchester Workforce Summit 2020 which ran from 9th-19th November 2020.

Pancreatic Cancer Early Diagnosis e-learning course

GatewayC Pancreatic Cancer Early Diagnosis e-learning course

In the early stages of the disease, pancreatic cancer may not cause any signs or symptoms. The GatewayC Pancreatic Cancer Early Diagnosis e-learning course will help you to recognise a number of, often vague, symptoms that can be associated with pancreatic cancer.

COVID-19 Skills Preparation Course


The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine are offering free training on Intensive Care Medicine skills for health professionals not regularly working on Intensive Care Units. Find out more about the C19_SPACE Skills Preparation Course.